Thursday, November 11, 2010

Unit 5 Test

We will be starting Unit 5 on Monday.  Unit 5 covers the Renaissance and Reformation.  As of right now, we are scheduled to test on Wednesday, December 1st.  Student will receive a study guide to help them prepare for their test.  Please encourage them to complete their study guide and come to class prepared.

Our Unit 5 test will be our last test before winter break.  We will start Unit 6 before break, but will be unable to finish, and therefor unable to test.

We also have a project coming up in Unit 6 over the Age of Exploration.  More to come soon...

Keep working hard!  We are getting very close to our break, but don't let up just yet.  "Successful people make themselves do the things that unsuccessful people will not do."

And in honor of Veteran's Day, thank you to all who have served, past and present.  Your sacrifices do not go unnoticed.  We owe so much to each of you, thank you.