Thursday, November 17, 2011

1st Semester Final Exam Schedule

One slight change has been made to the schedule. We will begin school at normal time on Friday. The district changed the start time from 9:45am to the normal 8:45am so that we can make students aware of the new career center that KISD is building for the following school year. So make sure you get to school at regular time next week Friday! :)

Unit 5 Test

We have now started Unit 5.  Unit 5 covers the Renaissance and Reformation, Ch.12 in our history textbook.  We are scheduled to test on Wednesday, November 30th.  Student will receive a study guide that Monday to help them prepare for their test.  Please encourage them to complete their study guide and come to class prepared.  This test might prove to be difficult as it falls on the Wednesday we return from Thanksgiving break, so please be mindful of that.

Also, students will be given an extra credit opportunity on Tuesday before Thanksgiving break.  Please encourage them to take me up on this offer and earn themselves from extra points in class.